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Check out the info below for more info on what you will learn in my Hypno Mama Method Course.
  • Pacing: Start at ANY stage of pregnancy! Only a few minutes every day to learn everything. You can go as fast or slow as your baby will allow…
  • FREE Downloads: Learn self-hypnosis in seconds, each module comes with a different audio...
  • Bonding: Learn why it's important to bond and connect with baby 
  •  Breastfeeding: Crucial tips to boost milk supply
  •  Build Confidence: Love your body as it is RIGHT NOW. Strategies to connect with inner, unconditional self love
  •  Postpartum Healing: Use the powers of your mind to heal your body naturally starting right after birth

Guided Hypnotherapy Sessions

Here we will discover if you have any limiting beliefs or blocks relating to pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. Many people pick up unhelpful beliefs, sometimes in the form of anxiety that can end up causing longer or more painful labors, difficulty throughout pregnancy and with postpartum life, including breastfeeding.

Gain Confidence & Trust in Your Body

Birth is a natural process that we have been carrying on since the beginning of time... Somewhere, somehow, we have been trained to stop trusting ourselves and our bodies and to put all of the responsibility on doctors with degrees. Here you will get back that power you once had.

Learn Effects of Stress & Joy on Baby

When I was pregnant, I knew intuitively that stress was not good, but I didn't know why... Here I will explain what happens to your baby during stress and how to counter those moments.

Audio Downloads for Different Stages

Whether you are at the beginning or in the home stretch, there is a specific download that caters to your needs. I have created relaxing and very intentional audio recordings that will help you with relaxation, connecting and bonding with your baby, visualization of an easy birth process, breastfeeding info, and more.

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